Fun Catering Hire Ideas

We have loads of fun catering ideas your event! Whether your guests are young or old we have the perfect sweets, desserts, fun foods and catering hire ideas for you.

Unlike typical catering companies we also take care of the production side of your event. What really makes our catering service different to the rest is that we own all of the equipment used to supply your event. Most of the equipment too is unique and so unique that it is sourced by other companies such as our custom made bars, furniture, linings and even glassware!

Hot Dog Cart Hire

All American hot dog cart straight from New York! With the bike and the bell too! New to Party Doctors and extremely popular with Birthday parties and weddings for the end of the evening! It comes as a complete package including all dogs, roll, sauces, onions, napkins and member of staff. You can have the option of hiring the ‘Big Willy’ hot dog mascot which is lots of fun and great for product launch events, Christmas parties, summer outdoor events and so on. Popular with photo taking too!

Popcorn Cart Hire

Recreate the smell, taste and look of the fairground at any event with our Popcorn Carts. We can serve two different flavours and up 300 portions an hour. Our stand alone popcorn cart replicates the old fashioned versions, with gold lettering on pillar box red. Able to provide large 8oz of popcorn per cart at any one time, it provides unlimited fresh popcorn and is an ideal accompaniment to our extensive range of party products.

Candy Floss Machine Hire

Our imported American standalone candy floss cart replicates the old fashioned versions with pink style writing and a chrome machine. The cart comes complete with an operator and various colour of candy floss as well as enough sticks and ingredients allowing us to make unlimited candy floss for the whole duration of your event. The Candy Floss machine is a American commercial unit meaning that it can produce lots candy floss quickly unlike cheap Chinese versions. The machines are also available unmanned.

Chocolate Fountains

With a vast array of different dipping items, a Chocolate Fountain makes an amazing centre piece to any event and will definitely impress your guests or clients! Still as popular as ever, just imagine the effect that warm, flowing, luxurious Belgian chocolate fountain has on people.

Ice Cream Bar Hire

Create your own favourite ice cream at one of our ice cream bars, use all the pumps and dispensers to make up the toppings of your choice! Starting at the whippy machine you select your flavour ice cream and pull the lever to realise delicious dairy ice cream. Exclusive to Party Doctors, the operators (yourself or other guests) can work your way along the machine to produce your very own personalized ice cream!

Pick 'n' Mix Stand Hire

Our Luxury Pick 'n' Mix Sweet Stand Service is available for hire for corporate event promotion, children’s parties, weddings and all special occasions. The stand can also have custom printed signage as well as custom printed bags. The stand comes fully loaded to the brim with either 30kg or 60kg of sweets and includes bags and scoops.We can also design custom stands for your private events...

Frozen Cocktail Machines

Frozen daiquiris are a great Australian import. Available as alcoholic or non-alcoholic refreshing beverages and always great fun for any event or party. We can provide a whole range of unique flavours to create loads of fantastic tasting drinks.